The Office of Diversity and Inclusion is committed to upholding the mission of Elms College to educate a diverse group of students. Elms College is committed to providing students, faculty, and staff, with an inclusive environment in which they may pursue their studies or careers. We strive to promote academic success, equity and leadership development through various programs and services that foster holistic development.

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion welcomes you to join us in building a diverse campus that is inclusive of various identities, beliefs, experiences, and demographics. We believe in creating a campus climate that encourages critical thought. The Office of Diversity & Inclusion strives to empower the Elms community in celebration of our diversity in an ever changing world.

Diversity and Inclusion Student Campus Organizations

Diversity Leadership Council

The purpose of the Diversity Leadership Council is to promote diversity and inclusion.  Our purpose also includes providing a sense of community across races, ethnicities, nationalities, cultures, sexual orientation and gender identities, religions, and abilities with the intentions of cultivating the potential to lead. The council vows to encourage the Elms campus and surrounding community to embrace and support the differences of others and help empower their leadership potential.

The Elms College Diversity Leadership Council welcomes all undergraduate  and graduate students who support values of diversity, inclusion and equal opportunity.  The council prefers to address members as leaders to set a tone of equality and will include a diverse group of women and men that pledge to encourage a sense of belonging on the Elms campus and prospective students.

Class Representatives – Diversity Leadership Council

Photo of Alyssa Mercado, Diversity Leadership Council member

Alyssa Mercado


Photo of Joe Potter, Diversity Leadership Council member

Joe Potter

Vice President

Photo of Usman Safeer, Diversity Leadership Council member

Usman Safeer

Secretary, Executive Board Member

Photo of Reyna Bautista, Diversity Leadership Council member

Reyna Bautista

Freshmen Representative, Executive Board Member