We’re Here for You

Paying for college can seem overwhelming, but rest assured Elms College is here for you with an experienced financial aid team ready to help! On average 97% of our undergraduate students receive financial aid. Learn more about financial aid with the Financial Aid FAQs.


When planning for college costs, the following is a starting point. The Net Price Calculators (left) provide a further estimate, but are also for planning purposes only.

Per Credit Rates 2022-2023

2022-2023 Tuition and Fees
Tuition*Room and Board**Fees***Orientation FeeFirst Year Seminar FeeTotal
Resident $38,735 $14,830 $1,900 $60 $150 $55,675
Commuter $38,735 N/A $1,613 $60 $150 $40,558

* Tuition does not include books and supplies
** Residents are also required to submit a refundable $250 security fee. Dorm rooms include bed, desk and bureau. Bedding and other personal items not included.
*** Certain majors, such as nursing, may require additional fees for labs or clinicals.

Undergraduate Resident Housing Options
Room TypeCost
Room and Board(Residents are also required to submit a refundable $250 security fee. Dorm rooms include bed, desk and bureau. Bedding and other personal items not included.)$14,830
Private Room$16,955
Double Room buyout rate annually$19,080

*A limited number of buyouts will be available at the discretion of Residence Life

Resident Meal Plan Options
Meal PlanCost
All You Care to Eat 200 (200 meals and $100 dollars per semester)Included in Room and Board costs above
All You Care to Eat Ultimate (Unlimited meals and $100 dollars per semester)$165

NOTE: Commuter meal plans are available for non-residential students as well as graduate and post-bacc students living in Gaylord, Casino, or Grant.

2022-2023 Estimated Fees for the BSN Program
Fall $563 $1,001 $853
Spring $475 $600 $620
ATI (annual/per semester)$1,008/$504$1,008/$504$1,008/$504
Total $2,046 $2,609 $2,481
2022-2023 Estimated Fees for the Accelerated BSN Program
Year 1Year 2
Fall $563 $853
Spring $475 $620
Summer $926N/A
ATI (annual/per semester) $1,590/$530 $1,060/$530
Total $3,554 $2,533

IMPORTANT: In addition to the fees, all students carrying 9 credits or more are required to have health insurance. To enroll in the Elms College plan, or to submit a waiver with proof of other insurance, go to www.universityhealthplans.com.

Financial Aid

We are committed to using all possible resources to put together an offer that makes sense for you — 95%  of our undergrads receive some form of Financial Aid. 

To apply for financial aid, students must complete a FAFSA on studentaid.gov. Once the FAFSA is complete, and the student is accepted into a program at Elms, we will assemble an individualized offer for you. Our staff is available to guide you through this process. Please contact the Financial Aid Office at 413-265-2249 or finaid@elms.edu with your questions pertaining to the financial aid process.