Like our founders, the Sisters of St. Joseph, our purpose is to educate, embrace and respect all backgrounds, regardless of belief. At the same time, our values rise from our Catholic identity, which our faculty, administrators, and staff work together to support and embody.

It is based on the Christian concept of the person, which includes a defense of human rights and attributes an inherent dignity to us all as children of God. Christ isn’t fitted in, but is the vital, animating principle that necessitates the development of the whole person, giving meaning to human life. As a result, we strive to create an atmosphere that not only teaches about the great moral issues of our time but impels our students to actively engage them in their lives.

Through daily masses, enrichment opportunities, social and extracurricular offerings, and, above all, by fostering a campus culture of compassion, service, reflection and ethics, we continually seek to make Elms a value-centered environment, brought to life by community, that benefits both society and the individual.